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Accelerated performance from data-driven intelligence

The trusted data intelligence partner to start-ups and enterprises alike.

Data-driven intelligence has the power to accelerate your performance. Yet many organisations face challenges when attempting to realise their potential.

Redkite helps companies and institutions to set up their data for effective use, to unearth hidden information, and to embed insight into better, faster and simpler decision workflows.

Success demands a multi-disciplinary approach, and Redkite brings a full breadth of expertise from commercial decision-making through to business definition, visualisation, data architecture, wrangling / integration and modelling.

Recent engagements include consumer services, retail, business services, and public sector.




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What We Do


Performance improvement         


Achieve a rapid improvement in your customer acquisition, retention, and cost-to-serve by using data to improve commercial decision-making. Redkite will unearth the right information from your data-assets and help you to embed this into an effective decision work-flow.



Tap into leading data, analytics and business intelligence expertise. Redkite's team are on hand to assess the options, guide your decision-making, and reach a well-structured, evidence based outcome.


Scale up                                    


Sustain and accelerate your business growth by deploying best practice data and business intelligence capabilities, fast. Redkite will help design your architecture, data model, BI suite and workflows so that data is accelerating rather than hindering your growth.



Build capabilities within your team. Using both training and co-development, Redkite will get you up and running quickly. Learn best practices in data modelling, visualisation and analytics; all applied within your own real-world use-cases.


Outsourced Business Intelligence


Regain your focus by engaging a partner with specialism in data-driven intelligence. Redkite takes accountability for your data, analytics and/or business intelligence capabilities, deploying a dedicated and talented team that you can flex as your needs change.



Modernise your business decision-making by transitioning from legacy to cutting edge. Redkite will migrate, redesign and/or reengineer your existing solutions to industry best practice, fast.


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Jon Tippell

Jon has spent his career helping companies and institutions to set up their data for effective use, to unearth hidden information, and to embed insight into better, faster and simpler decision workflows.

Success demands a multi-disciplinary approach, and Jon brings experience spanning the domains of commercial, finance, policy, product management, technology architecture, data modelling, analytics, and software engineering.

From 2007 to 2015 Jon was a Principal with Oliver Wyman, the fourth largest premium consulting firm, where he set up the Oliver Wyman Labs practice.

Jon holds a First Class Masters in Computer Science and in Management from the University of Cambridge, where he was awarded Scholarships and was the recipient of the Carruthers Prize.


Henry Crawford

Henry has spent the past nine years using data to accelerate hyper growth companies.

From 2015 to 2017 Henry built Deliveroo's data and analytics function from scratch. This included rolling out Looker and Snowflake globally (the fastest and largest rollout both companies have seen, outside of the United States) and growing the data and business intelligence team from 2 to over 40 FTEs.

Deliveroo's 1,700 employees now have a true data driven culture, with business intelligence being instrumental to Deliveroo growing 650% last year.

Prior to this, Henry led the analytics team for Groupon Northern Europe, supporting 9 countries and 1,000 employees.

Henry holds a BSc in Physics from Imperial College, London, and a MSc in Nanotechnology from University College London.

Meet The Team


All of the team have at least five years of real world data experience. They’ve worked in a range of industries, solving a huge variety of data problems. They’re curious problem solvers with a laser focus on delivering results.


We have a passion for training – both for our clients and for our own team. Whilst we hire for experience, we firmly believe that constant training and a collaborative learning environment is vital for mutual success.


Clients have described the team as being empathetic, knowledgeable and fast. The team work in an agile manner and deeply care about getting the best results for a client.


Case Studies


Automotive Services: Internet of Things

Avoiding breakdowns through telematics-based predictive fault insight


Gaming Provider: Membership CRM

Stronger customer engagement and activation through message personalisation and next-best-action strategies


E-Commerce: Customer Acquisition

Attracting customers through better targeting of marketing budget


E-Commerce: Customer Operations

Better customer experience and cost efficiency through workload deflection and automation, cross-sell and trade-up


Membership Services: Retention

Reducing revenue leakage through a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and retention economics


Logistics Provider: Fleet Utilisation

Reducing costs by identifying and forecasting supply chain bottlenecks as well as optimising fleet mix




What's your challenge?

Start-ups and enterprises engage Redkite to set up their data for effective use, to unearth hidden information, and to embed insight into better, faster and simpler decision workflows. 

If this describes your challenge, then reach out and let us discuss if and how we can help.

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